The process for enlistment, training, certification and induction of Exam Ethics Marshal and Student volunteers start on this portal. 


Exam Ethics Marshals International (EEMI) is a global movement of education leaders and stakeholders committed to promoting best practices in admission, teaching, examination, certification, registration and regulation systems in education. EEMI was founded in Nigeria in 1996 by Ike Onyechere, MFR, in response to the rise of examination malpractice with all attendant dangerous consequences and the need for sustainable institutional countervailing organization to combat it and defend the code of ethics, truth, honesty and integrity that govern the dissemination of knowledge. EEMI is working with the collaboration, support and facilitation of governments, educational institutions and agencies.

Visit www.examethicsmarshals.org for more information on the vision, mission, and fundamental belief, philosophy, core doctrine and values, operational structures, eligibility criteria of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement.


Enlistment, training, certification and induction of Exam Ethics Marshals

  • Registration for Exam Ethics Marshal Training and Certification is FREE
  • Accreditation of eligible volunteers as Marshals-Designate is also FREE
  • Marshal-Designates receive online training on best practices in admission, teaching, examination, certification, registration, regulation and administration processes in education.  

The online training is in seven modules skills:

1. Exam Ethics Marshals Movement and imperative skills for entrenchment of exam ethics and curbing exam malpractice


2. Technical and integrity skills for administration and monitoring of credible examinations.


3. Mentorship Skills


4. Safe school and campus safety empowerment skills                                


5. Conflict management and resolution skills


6. Leadership and management skills


7. Charter of education reforms.


Marshal-Designates are provided with training literature and materials to study before commencement of training.

An online test is administered at the end of each module.

Participation in the training and tests on all the modules is pre-requisite for certification as Marshals.

The process is climaxed with an induction and inauguration workshop during which the Marshals Pledge is administered and certificates, citations, honors and awards are presented for outstanding performance and contributions.

Except for training, certification and inauguration materials that are provided at highly subsidized minimum cost, all other enlistment, training, certification and induction processes are delivered FREE with the support and facilitation of ethics-friendly institutions and stakeholders.

Marshal-Designates are free to discontinue the training process at any stage.    

After induction, Marshals continue to receive regular updates on education best practices, tips, strategies, advisory, updates and news through www.examethicsblog.com, to which they are entitled to subscribe FREE


Steps for enlistment as Exam Ethics Marshal Designate


Log on to training.examethicsmarshals.org 


Study the eligibility criteria to determine if you are eligible.


Click on the Registration button.


Input the registration details and submit.


Your eligibility status will be determined and communicated to you


Eligible candidates are designated as Marshals-Designate.


Marshals-Designate will be informed of procedures and schedule of online training to be followed by details of certification and induction


Establishment of Exam Ethics Students Club

Accredited Marshals or Marshal-Designates are required, in fact urged, to facilitate the establishment, strengthening and supervision of Exam Ethics Students Club in their institutions.