About Exam Ethics Marshals International


Exam Ethics Marshals International (EEMI) is a global movement of education leaders and stakeholders committed to promoting best practices in admission, teaching, examination, certification, registration and regulation systems in education. EEMI was founded in Nigeria in 1996 by Ike Onyechere, MFR, in response to the rise of examination malpractice with all attendant dangerous consequences and the need for sustainable institutional countervailing organization to combat it and defend the code of ethics, truth, honesty and integrity that govern the dissemination of knowledge. EEMI is working with the collaboration, support and facilitation of governments, educational institutions and agencies. Visit www.examethicsmarshals.org for more information on the vision, mission, and fundamental belief, philosophy, core doctrine and values, operational structures, eligibility criteria of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement.






Exam Ethics Marshals are ethics friendly education leaders and stakeholders committed to code of ethical self-regulation and discipline in their duty posts; to unwavering insistence on best practices in their spheres of operational and leadership influence; to being mentors and models to pupils, students and colleagues. Membership of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement is open to all education stakeholders. The current profile of membership includes: officers of education ministries, agencies, institutions, unions, associations; teaching and non-teaching staff in education, healthcare, agriculture and other specialized institutions; executives of private and public sector organizations; leaders  of faith-based  and civil society organizations; serving and retired military and law enforcement officers; public servants; business executives; political leaders; professionals; parents; and other education stakeholders. One of the core functions of Exam Ethics Marshals is the establishment and supervision of Exam Ethics Student Clubs.






Exam Ethics Students are students who commit to principles, philosophy, doctrine and core values of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement; to working hard to excel in exams based on exam ethics compliant principles; and without recourse to exam malpractice. Exam Ethics Students also shun campus cultism and comply with safe school protocols. Membership of Exam Ethics Students Club is open to all pupils and students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions who are required to commit to the principles, philosophy, doctrine and core values of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement.









Institutions with operational chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam Ethics Clubs are certified as Friend and Partner institutions. Chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam Ethics Students in Friend and Partner Institutions sustain the campaign in their institutions and beyond. Exam Ethics Student Clubs are supervised by Exam Ethics Marshals in friend and partner institutions.


Good reasons for enlisting as Exam Ethics Marshal, Student or Friend and Partner Institution.

Boiled down to its core essence, Exam Ethics Campaign to promote exam ethics and combat exam malpractice is a matter of life and death. Unqualified, incompetent and unethical leaders, professionals and workers being produced and licensed through exam malpractice are committing fatal errors that are destroying lives and dreams. People are being killed through fatal errors, collapsed buildings, failed projects, failed education and miscarriage of justice by licensed but incompetent medical professionals, building professionals, public officers, educators and cash-and-carry judicial officers. Exam malpractice is the mother of corruption that is breeding debilitating underdevelopment, insider-enabled fraud and scams, mass poverty and deaths.

The tragic and fatal circle of consequences can only end when exam malpractice is eradicated; when the code of truth, honor and integrity of education is restored; and   certificates and licenses reflect the true learning and character of their holders.

No person knows who will be the next victim of the next fatal medical error, collapsed building, failed project, failed education and miscarriage of justice by “professionals” certified and licensed through exam malpractice and academic dishonesty. This is why you stand commended for joining to defend the integrity of education. It is a matter of self-preservation.


Added Advantage

Being Exam Ethics Marshal or Student is now added advantage for appointments or employments into competitive leadership positions in education and other public and private sector organizations because of the training, orientation and commitment to ethics, integrity and best practices. Marshals are increasingly being demanded as resource persons for invigilation, supervision and monitoring of credible examinations and for administration of competitive programmes.


Special recognition and honors

Special recognition, honours and rewards are reserved for conveners and champions of establishment of Chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam Ethics Student Clubs in their institutions.





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