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Exam Ethics Marshals International (EEMI) is a global movement of education leaders and stakeholders committed to promoting best practices in admission, teaching, examination, certification, registration and regulation systems in education. EEMI was founded in Nigeria in 1996 by Ike Onyechere, MFR, in response to the rise of examination malpractice with all attendant dangerous consequences and the need for sustainable institutional countervailing organization to combat it and defend the code of ethics, truth, honesty and intergrity that govern the dissemination of knowledge. EEMI is working with the collaboration, support and facilitation of Governments and educational institutions and agencies. The vision, Mission, and fundamental belief, philosophy, core doctrine and values, operational structures, eligibility criteria of the Movement are profiled in the Exam Ethics Module of the training programme. Visit www.examethicsmarshals.org for more information on the Exam Ethics Marshals International (EEMI) movement.



Exam Ethics Marshals are ethics friendly education leaders and stakeholders committed to code of ethical self-regulation and discipline in their duty posts; to unwavering insistence on best practices in their spheres of operational and leadership influence; to being mentors and models to pupils, students and colleagues. Chapters of EEMI in Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institutions   sustain the campaign in their institutions and beyond.  Marshals are in high demand as resource persons for invigilation, supervision and monitoring of credible examinations and for administration of competitive programmes. They are also preferred candidates for education leadership positions.



Payment for and downloading of exam ethics marshals training modules qualify you for registration as a Marshal Designate. Designates are required to study the seven training modules in preparation for participation in the diagnostic test and induction programme. The seven modules include:

1.         Exam Ethics Marshals Movement
2.         Technical and integrity skills for administration of credible exams
3.         Safe school compliance and empowerment skills
4.         Charter of Education Reforms
5.         Mentorship Skills
6.         Conflict Management Skills
7.         Leadership and Management Skills

Payment for exam ethics marshals training modules only qualifies you for registration as a Designate. Passing the diagnostic assessment test is pre-condition for inauguration of Designates as Marshals.



Marshals Designates are required to successfully participate in the induction and diagnostic assessment programme to qualify for inauguration as Exam Ethics Marshals after taking the Exam Ethics Marshals pledge.

The induction and diagnostic assessment programmes, which include verification of eligibility, hold in Abuja, Lagos and Enugu for Marshal Designates in Nigeria. The dates, venues, modalities and participation fees will be communicated to prospective Marshals.

The induction and diagnostic assessment programmes also hold in locations across the world on dates and venues to be communicated to eligible candidates. 

Copies of Exam Ethics Books and Manuals as well as identification materials ( exam ethics marshals vests, mufflers ,t-shirts, etc) are made available during the induction programme. 

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