Eligibility Criteria for Enlistment as Exam Ethics Marshal.

Before starting the process of enlistment, please be sure that you meet the eligibility criteria which includes:

  • Unwavering personal commitment to code of ethics, truth, honesty, integrity, self-regulation and discipline with or without supervision.
  • Minimum educational qualification (National Certificate in Education, Higher National Diploma, First Degree or equivalent professional qualification.
  • Willingness to volunteer and contribute time, expertise and resources in view of the fact that the advocacy, mentorship and capacity building duties of the campaign are sustained by self-recruited volunteerism.
  • Willingness and commitment to abide by all extant rules, regulations and laws governing institution, society and country of members.
  • Ability and willingness to exhibit extreme self-discipline at all times even in situations of extreme provocation.
  • The courage to confront and stand to be confronted by perpetrators of exam malpractice and academic dishonesty in all their ramifications.


Eligibility Criteria for Enlistment as Exam Ethics Student.

Membership of Exam Ethics Students Club is open to all pupils and students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions who are required to commit to the principles, philosophy, doctrine and core values of Exam Ethics Marshals Movement.


Eligibility for certification of Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institutions.

Institutions with operational chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam Ethics Clubs automatically qualify for certification as Friend and Partner institutions. Chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and Exam Ethics Students in Friend and Partner Institutions sustain the campaign in their institutions and beyond. Exam Ethics Student Clubs are supervised by Exam Ethics Marshals in friend and partner institutions.